There, I Fixed It: Creative DIY Solutions for Everyday Problems


The popular website There, I Fixed It showcases creative do-it-yourself solutions for everyday problems that often involve a humorous or quirky twist. Started in 2009, the site features user-submitted photos of inventive fixes such as using duct tape to repair a broken car bumper or repurposing household items to solve common issues. Despite its lighthearted nature, There, I Fixed It has gained a large following and continues to inspire DIY enthusiasts around the world.

One of the most engaging aspects of There, I Fixed It is the sense of ingenuity and resourcefulness displayed in the featured solutions. Whether it’s using a binder clip to hold together a pair of broken sunglasses or turning a ladder into a makeshift shelving unit, the site highlights the endless possibilities of thinking outside the box when faced with a problem. This creativity has resonated with many people who appreciate the simplicity and effectiveness of these clever fixes.

With over a decade of content amassed on There, I Fixed It, there is no shortage of amusing and inventive ideas to browse through. From makeshift repairs in the home to improvisations in the workplace, the site offers a wide range of solutions that range from practical to downright bizarre. As DIY culture continues to grow in popularity, There, I Fixed It serves as a fun and entertaining resource for those looking for inspiration or simply a good laugh at some creative problem-solving techniques.

What Does “There I Fixed It” Mean and How Can It Help You?

“There I Fixed It” is a popular meme and internet trend that showcases humorous and often unconventional methods of DIY repairs. The phrase is typically used to denote a temporary or quick fix to a problem that may not be the most ideal or professional solution, but gets the job done in a pinch.

The trend arose from the satisfaction people find in finding creative and simple solutions to everyday problems, whether it be fixing a broken appliance, patching up a leak, or improvising a repair with whatever tools or materials are on hand. It embraces the idea of resourcefulness and ingenuity, even if the results may not always be aesthetically pleasing or long-lasting.

While some may see “There I Fixed It” solutions as sloppy or unprofessional, there is a certain charm and practicality to the mindset behind it. It encourages thinking outside the box and using what resources are available to come up with a solution, rather than waiting for a professional to step in or spending money on costly repairs.

In our next section, we will delve deeper into the world of DIY repairs and explore the benefits and drawbacks of adopting a “There I Fixed It” mentality. Stay tuned to learn how embracing creativity and ingenuity can empower you to tackle everyday problems head-on and develop a sense of self-sufficiency in the process.

DIY Solutions for Everyday Problems

There, I Fixed It is a popular online platform where users share their creative do-it-yourself solutions for common everyday problems. From makeshift repairs to innovative hacks, There, I Fixed It showcases the ingenuity and resourcefulness of people who think outside the box to solve issues with limited resources.

Household Hacks

  • Using binder clips to organize cables
  • Repurposing mason jars for storage
  • Creating a shoe rack with PVC pipes
  • DIY air fresheners with essential oils

Fixing Furniture

  • Securing wobbly table legs with pennies
  • Repairing a broken chair with zip ties
  • Covering up scratches on wood furniture with a walnut
  • Painting old furniture for a fresh look

Gardening Tricks

  • Using egg cartons for seed starters
  • Repurposing wine bottles as watering devices
  • Creating a raised garden bed with pallets
  • DIY plant markers with painted rocks

Car Repairs

  • Fixing dents with a plunger
  • Replacing a broken side mirror with a hand mirror
  • Sealing cracks in the windshield with nail polish
  • DIY air fresheners using dryer sheets

What is “There, I Fixed It” all about?

“There, I Fixed It” is a website and book dedicated to showcasing creative do-it-yourself solutions for everyday problems. It features humorous and inventive fixes for common household and personal issues.

Are the solutions featured on “There, I Fixed It” safe and practical?

While some of the fixes may be more humorous than practical, the website and book do emphasize the importance of safety and practicality in DIY solutions. It’s always important to use caution and common sense when attempting any DIY project.

Can I submit my own DIY fixes to “There, I Fixed It”?

Yes, “There, I Fixed It” encourages readers to submit their own creative DIY solutions for consideration. You can submit your fixes through the website or social media channels.

Is “There, I Fixed It” suitable for all ages?

While the content on “There, I Fixed It” is generally suitable for all ages, some fixes may involve tools or materials that are not suitable for children. Parents may want to review the content before sharing it with younger audiences.


In conclusion, “There I Fixed It” provides a hilarious and sometimes cringe-worthy look at the creative solutions people come up with to solve their everyday problems. From duct tape fixes to DIY repairs, the blog showcases the ingenuity and resourcefulness of individuals who are willing to do whatever it takes to make things work. While some may question the safety and practicality of these unique fixes, it is clear that the individuals featured on the blog have a never-give-up attitude when it comes to overcoming obstacles.

Furthermore, the blog also serves as a reminder that sometimes a quick and temporary fix is all that is needed to get through a tough situation. Whether it’s MacGyvering a broken appliance or rigging a makeshift repair on the go, the creativity and determination of the individuals featured on “There I Fixed It” are truly inspiring. Overall, the blog is a fun and entertaining glimpse into the world of makeshift solutions, proving that sometimes a little creativity and DIY spirit can go a long way.